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Our team is made up of engineers, architects, legal and project financing experts; the complementary skills of our highly professional group makes us all you need to carry out a renewable energy power plant. 

Renergetica can follow the project from the site identification, to the plant authorization, including plant design and asset management. We will identify the most suitable technical solutions for a maximum profit all tailor-made according to our Client’s needs.

We carefully select top-of-the-range materials checking performance and quality in person, and  we constantly monitor the work in progress leading to the realization of the power plants.


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We constantly seek and rely upon factual information to make the best decisions possible.


We are passionate about making a difference through our work, our company and our team.


We uphold our commitments and treat our landowners, stakeholders and partners with respect and honesty.

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  • 2019/08/05

    Renergetica reinforce its collaboration with Building Energy with an agreement to develop solar plants in Florida.
  • 2019/07/29

    RENERGETICA signs a consultancy agreement with TANESCO to develop an Hybrid System in Mafia Island
  • 2019

    Agreement signed with EOS Investment Management Group for the development of a pipeline of solar plants authorizations in Italy for a total power of 250 MW
  • 2019

    Signed a three-year agreement with BUILDING ENERGY Group to develop a pipeline of projects in Italy for the value of € 6 million
  • 2019

    Signed a SPA agreement with Building Energy Andes S.p.a to sell the authorization for the costruction of a PV plant in Chile for a total power of 6 MWP
  • 2018

    Renergetica signed a SPA agreement with Total Group to sell the authorization for the construction of 3 PV plants in Chile for a total power of 16,41 MWp
  • 2018

    Establiments of Renergetica LATAM Corporatione and development of PV plants pipeline in Colombia with an important industrial partner is on going
  • 2018

    Signed a partnership with ReneSola for the co-development of 100 MWp
  • 2018

    listing on AIM Borsa Italiana
  • 2017

    Sale of the authorization of 24 MWp PV plants in Chile and sale of the authorization of 5,45 MWp PV plant in USA.
  • 2017

    Partnership agreement with NGK Insulator for the development of hybrid solutions.
  • 2016

    Renergetica acquires 51% of PDC S.r.l.. Business diversification through biomass and hydroelectric. Owner’s Engineering services and development in Cuba.
  • 2015

    Owner Engineering services for Clarion Wind during the construction of the 42 MW Cancellara wind power plant.
  • 2015

    Implementation of the HGSC system in the resort of Casalinda, Caribbean.
  • 2015

    Opening of Renergetica USA Corporation
  • 2014

    Creation of Hybrid Grids business unit. Opening of the Chile branch for the development of more than 20 MWp.
  • 2013

    Technical consultancy for an off-grid mine in Mali, this activity will subsequently lead to HGSC.
  • 2013

    Development of two 22 MWp photovoltaic plants in Romania for Energreen.
  • 2012

    Merger of RAL S.r.l. with RAV S.r.l and subsequent acquisition by CVA Sole S.r.l. and subsequent sale of shares
  • 2012

    Engeneering services for Toshiba during the construction of a 30 MW wind power plant.
  • 2012

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  • 2011

    Sale of the authorization for the Alessandria Est plant and onwer engineering activities for Energreen
  • 2011

    CVA S.p.A. acquires the majority stake in RVA S.r.l., the company in charge of building and managing the 4,99 MWp Valenza plant.
  • 2010

    Renergetica enters an agreement with Abantia for the sale of the pipeline in Northern Italy and Renergetica is in charge of owner engineering activities
  • 2009

    CVA S.p.A.acquires the majority stake in RAL S.r.l., the company in charge of building and managing the 7,3 MW p Alessandria Sud plant.
  • 2008

    Foundation year of Renergetica. Renergetica was originally established to obtain authorization for the construction of renewable energy plants in Italy.